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Minutes for October 12, 2010

The October meeting of Shoal Creek Drive Village Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:07 PM on October 12, 2010 by Chairman Matthew Rigsby.  Board members present were:  John Knudsen, Judy Whitehead, Matthew Rigsby and Harold Johnston.

Village residents attending were Mary Storrie, Gary Kyger & Danny Muench.

The minutes of the September 14, 2010 meeting was read.   Judy Whitehead made a motion to approve minutes as read.  John Knudsen second and motion carried.

Treasurer Judy White presented the treasurers report.  Harold Johnston made a motion that the reports be accepted as presented.  John Knudsen second motion and motion carried.

There were several issues the Board wanted Harold to check on.  Harold reported that he had been out of town and was not aware of the items so he had not found out about everything requested.

Harold reported that he had tried to contact Corrina Houpt but was hung up on when he called.

Harold reported that he had tried to find out who owned the property with the building that was falling down but was unable to.  Will try to get to Newton County to see if they can help.  None of the neighbors know who owns it or what the actual address is.

Harold reported that he had looked at the trailer park where items have been dumped but was not able to contact anyone there.  He will continue trying to locate the park owner.

Harold  stated that before letters are sent he would like to have a copy of our ordinances so he can quote the correct one for each violation.  He could not find the copy that was suppose to be at the village hall.  We may have to get copies from Newton County.

Judy Whitehead stated that it was time to send out the tax notices.  Danny Muench wanted to know why Newton County didn’t do this for the  Village.  Judy is to check on the cost involved.

Gary Kyger wanted permission to buy 108 rubber caps for the folding chairs in the Village Hall.  This was approved by the Board.

There was no other business to bring before the Board.  Harold made a motion that we adjourn second by John Knudsen.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:42 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Harold D. Johnston

Village Clerk


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