Meeting Minutes

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The regular monthly meeting of the Village Trustees was held on June 9, 2009, at 7 pm, at the Village Hall on West 44th Street. The meeting was attended by all the board trustees (Don Scott, Judy Whitehead, Leah Murray, and Eric Millman) and the following Village residents: Matthew Rigsby, Lois Scott, John Knudson, and Deborah & Harold Johnston.

Don Scott opened the meeting and Sally Armstrong’s resignation as Village Clerk was accepted as she moved to Wyoming. John Knudson was appointed to Sally Armstrong’s occupied seat. Leah Murray was appointed to assume the clerk’s duties. Lois Scott would assist the clerk later this year.

The May minutes were read and approved as read by the Trustees.

The treasurer’s report was read and approved as written by the Trustees. The Treasurer reported that the $30,000+ Road Fund CD would come due in June and should be rolled into the Road Fund before June 24. The CD funds would be used to resurface the streets this summer.

Richard Weaver with C& R Disposal left his trash service contract for approval and signatures.

Mike Wright and Andy Nimo from the Redings Mill Fire Dept. provided the following information with discussion following each item.

First, Midland weather radios could be purchased from the fire department and the firemen would program them. Order forms were left for residents. Prices for the radios ranged from $30 to $22 depending on the type (standard, clock, desktop, and pocket).

Second, fire hydrant installation for the Village was presented. The cost per hydrant would be $3,000 per hydrant if 8 inch charged lines were already in place. Mike and Andy presented a map for placement of hydrants. A technical discussion of hydrants and pipes followed. .

Third, burning and fires in the Village was discussed. Mr. Nimo discussed burning regulations and ordinances using the example of Loma Linda. He suggested we might want to consider burning regulations because the weather conditions due to previous storms has made the Village a potential risk for fires in certain areas. He suggested we start with education programs for example Firewise which teaches where and how to burn and perhaps fire permits because of the fuel on the ground. As a Village we should decide what is best. Mike Wright gave the fire statistics: five in the last 7 years with 3 being structures until last month with two on 44th street. One was electrical and the fire at 44th & Wall being an arson. He asked us to send representatives to an ISO meeting at the fire department. Each area will receive an ISO grade and this will affect our insurance. Don Scott and John Knudson volunteered to attend.

Matthew Rigsby reported that the garage sale was well attended as 130 maps were distributed at the Village Hall.

The Board asked the Clerk to send Greg Huff a letter requesting his timeline and plans for his development on south Jackson Street.

The Board asked the Clerk to put an ad in the Joplin Globe for sealed bids for the Village roads and parking lot at the Village City Hall. Don Scott presented a list of potential companies who might be interested in the project.

The school bus signs were tabled until July.

New business was the letter of application from Sean Murray as maintenance man for the Village City Hall property. All voted to accept his application and he would receive $100 per month and $10 an hour for additional jobs. He would need keys to the Village City Hall.

Back door security was discussed and the Board approved the purchase of a dead bolt and would ask Sean if he could install it.

Discussion of the fire at Corinna Houpt’s property at 44th & Wall was discussed by Mr. Nimo and Mr. Wright previously in this meeting.

The Scotty Hackelman’s property at 45th and Pearl is being cleaned up and Diana Hackelman Barchak is planning on remodeling the home.

Lastly, it was reported that 5 dumpsters were filled at the Village Spring Clean-up in May.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm by Eric Millman, Chairman.

Respectfully submitted: Leah Murray, Clerk

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